well after two weeks using the dyson hair dryer I can say that it really is an amazing piece of equipment – I have noticed that indeed it does dry the hair more quickly than a conventional dryer and yes it does seem to help the condition of the hair and helps with frizz control and smoothing. It is lighter than my salon hand dryer and is weighted differently so therefore minimising back, shoulder and arm fatigue. My only complaint if it could be one is that the flex, while it is made of some sort of material that doesn’t get twisted and wriggly, it could do to be about 30cm longer as my sockets are placed at either side of my workstation and when plugged into the right hand socket there is not enough flex to reach round the back of the client seat to the left side of clients hair with enough slack to raise up above the client head. that said I am very pleased with the Dyson and have continued to use it exclusively.